About Us


Alya Al Zeera is a lawyer who specializes in legal consulting for small and medium businesses in Bahrain, as well as providing contract and legal assistance to companies in Bahrain.

She graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor’s in Law from Cairo University, going on to complete her Master’s degree in Commercial Law with a grade of B+ from the same alma mater.

From there, she has worked variously with the Shomaly Law Firm, the International Group, and the Sanad International Law Group’s Lawyers and Legal Services.

She also holds certificates in English and commercial arbitration and is a practicing Arbitrator licensed by the Egyptian Chamber for International Commercial Arbitration.

Alia is passionate about helping medium-sized businesses avoid costly litigation and creating contracts that work in their favor. She is also adept at leading small teams, making quick decisions, and being an invaluable part of a medium-sized business’s support system.

If your medium-sized business needs legal services, contact her today.

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